Eeva Timonen-Kallio

Eeva Timonen-Kallio, Lic. Soc. Sc., works as Senior Lecturer (social work) and Research Leader in the Faculty of Health and Well-being in TUAS. Timonen-Kallio has coordinated several international projects, e.g. UMBRELLA, FRISKIE and RESME. Her research interests in coming PhD dissertation are competencies in residential child care and interprofessional collaboration between systems and professions. Timonen-Kallio is a coordinator of the work group Child Welfare of the network of the Universities of Applied Sciences in social services (21) in Finland and a vice president of the FESET; association for higher education institutes in social education/social pedagogy in Europe.

Mari Lahti

Mari Lahti, PhD, works in the Faculty of Health and Well-being in TUAS as a Lecturer in nursing. She is active in research groups Empowering Children and Young People and Health Promotion. Her academic dissertation was “Evaluation of an e-learning course: Coercion practices in psychiatric nursing” and her research interest is in education, e-learning and psychiatric nursing. Lahti is a chair of national mental health advisory board, secretary of national mental health research and development association and board member of Nordic psychiatric nurses association. She has worked in several international projects, e.g. RESME, Ementhe, Nordic and Russian collaboration and ePsychNurseNet.

Merle Linno

Merle Linno, MSW, works as Social work Lecturer in the Institute of Social Studies University of Tartu. She is the Programme Director of Social Work and Social Policy master studies. Merle Linno is an expert of qualitative research methods. Her research interest in coming PhD dissertation is focused on child protection system of Estonia, she concentrates on building child well-being in Estonian professional child protection discourse. She participated in international research projects Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Systems and Boost your possibilities! - Youth Centres for Youth mobility and Intercultural learning: Impact of Internationality. Photo: Jassu Hertsmann

Janika Pael

Janika Pael, RN, MSc, works as lecturer in Mental Health Nursing in the department of Nursing and Midwifery in Tartu Healthcare College. Janika Pael has coordinated the development of nursing-specialist curriculum in mental health in Estonia. She has worked in international projects as RSGAE and in Nordman Network gerotechnology team.