The ACUCARE project’s research results will be brought together in designing an interprofessional eCurricula.

The joint eCurricula includes good practices, methods and guidelines for defining mutual goals. During these two courses, the networking competencies and skills of future practitioners will be increased and interprofessional ‘acute team work model’ will be created for the benefit of students and target groups.

Students will also learn to be aware of the other profession´s competencies. As a result both social educators and nurses can respect and value each other’s work more. The e-learning course is especially designed based on the needs from the child welfare and
child protection field. The eCurricula will be available in Finnish and Estonian.

The e-courses

 1. Interprofessional ‘open care’ family work (5 ECTS)

Main focus is in working within families to promote educational partnership between parents and professionals; to bring together regional mental health services and family services as well as maternity and child health clinics, early childhood education and school.

 2. Interprofessional residential child care (5 ECTS)

Main focus is to incorporate the psychiatric expertise and advance the existing child welfare in best interest of the child living in residential care.

Want to know more about the eCurricula?

Please contact:

Project Manager Eeva Timonen-Kallio from
Turku University of Applied Sciences.
+358 44 907 4546